Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Selections from Indian Idol & 'Krrish'

Today's selections are some new songs - one Bollywood & one a Hindi pop song. The pop song {Mohabaten Lutau}is actually sung by the winner of last year's 'Indian Idol' - just as popular and as big of an audience favorite as the one here. The winner (Abhijeet Sawan) was a virtual unknown before & is now one of the biggest concert draws in the country. The song is another of those 'singing while standing in a jeep with good friends in your favorite city' favorites of mine - just a catchy and fun number.

The Bollywood song is from the movie 'Krissh' {Chori Chori Chupke Chupke} which is supposedly a Hindi version of 'Superman'. I really have no desire to see this movie but the reviews say it's pretty decent - also, I really can't stand Hrithik Roshan. But that's what is great about Bollywood - you don't have to like the movie to enjoy the song - you just have to like good music. A nice duet - one of the best of the year in my opinion.

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