Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Your weekly dose of 80's Bollywood Cheese

This one is another Kishore Kumar duet (yes I know, a shocker) and is from the now forgotten movie 'Meri Aawaz Suno'. It stars the always popular but never quite respected "Jumping Jack of Bollywood" - Jeetendra. It also stars my favorite actress from the 80's - the angelic Parveen Babi. Why this song?

- it's a jam.
- the crazy saxophone playing throughout.
- the great costumes including Jeetubhai's awesome silver jumpsuit thingy and Parveen's wicked black genie outfit with just a naughty touch of cleavage.
- the fact that in it, both our stars are undercover cops in the villain's lair.

Here is the description of the movie from the back of the DVD (really)

Sushil Kumar (Jeetendra) lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his widowed mom, Kamini, an unmarried sister, Shobha and his pregnant wife, Sunita (Hema Malini). Shobha falls in love with a wealthy man named Kumar, introduces him to her family, gets their approval and gets married. Shortly thereafter she disappears and the Kumar family realize that Shobha has been abducted by her husband, who belongs to a gang of of women-kidnappers. Sushil is determined to find her whereabouts, gets a job with the Police as a Sub-Inspector, does his work honestly and diligently and is publicly honored. Thereafter he is assigned by CBI Officer Sangram Singh to a secret mission to locate and apprehend smugglers, thieves, and women abductors, which can only be done after he dons the guise of jailed gangster Kanwar Lal, his look-alike. Sushil accepts this assignment in the hopes of being re-united with his sister - not knowing that he is putting not only his very own life but also the lives of Sunita and Kamini in serious danger.

I wouldn't really recommend this movie because it wasn't really all that good and unnecessarily violent. But the diamond in the rough was this song which has remained a favorite of mine through the years and was thrilled to have accidentally stumbled upon on it on youtube.