Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rootha Na Karo (1970) - unearthing a Shashi gem

I discovered today's song Mera Dil Hai Chulbala
while perusing tunes over on emusic, a great treasure trove of Indian music both filmi and classical. The voice is unmistakeably recognizable as Asha Bhonsle's and a quick search of the movie showed up exactly one hit on IMDB. This much I know about the movie - it stars Shashi Kapoor & Nanda. No one I know can tell me about it although some of my family said they remember it being a nice little 'time pass'. The ONLY synopsis that I have found (on three different websites) gives the story as Naina loves Sudhir on the sly, and is jealous of Sudhir's love for Neeta. When Sudhir does not reciprocate her love, she decides to create all kinds of misunderstandings for the two. Light-hearted romance with two popular numbers that still play on the radio and are also good to watch on TV. A little um, lacking, na?

But then again with fun songs such as the one above (title song sung by Kishore Kumar) and below (duet sung by Rafi & Asha) who cares what the movie was about? Shashi is doing his naach gaana thing like only Shashi can while gorgeous shots of India grace the background scenery - it's got everything a 70's Bollywood flick needs that I can see. So if anyone has seen this movie or even knows anything about it please share because I am now a bit curious about it. Until then enjoy the tunes and share in the impromptu Shashibration :)