Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your weekly dose of 80's Bollywood Cheese

There is something simply magical about Parveen Babi and I just can't put my finger on it. Sure she was breathtakingly beautiful but there was much more that made her such a presence on the screen. Maybe it was the way she looked so doe eyed innocent yet had that fire in her that made you think twice about messing with her. Today's clip showcases all that made Parveen my favorite actress of all time with Jawaane Jaaneman sung by Asha Bhonsle. No one (not even Asha's more famous sister Lata) could do sultry quite like she did and when you add in Bappi Lahiri's rocking background score - well then you know why this song became an instant classic.

From the moment Shashi picks up the phone and hears those words made famous even to this day 'I want to kill you, I WILL kill you' it brings a bit of uneasiness even before the first horn blows. Then when the music kicks in with the echo of Asha's voice after every few words the song pulls you in for the long haul. Favorite moments include...
~Parveen's amazing hairdo & fantastic dance moves.
~Her gold costume complete with gold sarong.
~Amitabh hamming it up a bit in the middle with some moves of his own.
~Shashi going from alarmed to enchanted while watching her as only he can.
~The crazy sets with the spinning thorns of death everywhere.
~Colorful lights aplenty with virtual Parveens dancing with the real Parveen.
~As one astute fan on youtube pointed out, the song just goes to another level from the 3:30 to 4:05 mark.

And finally, why is it that every time I see a song from this era of Bollywood do I think - "I must make it my life mission to find this club and party there till the sun comes up with my near and dear ones'. Watch the video and you will see exactly why. Next week, a review of the movie itself and yes folks, it is indeed a return to the land of Bollyweed ;)

P.S. Nafisa - Happy Birthday and on your next one you must wear Parveen's outfit to your party and turn the surprise around on your guests!