Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Omkara' - (2006)

Sometimes a movie just nails it in every way possible - dialogue, cinematography, acting, music - add in a story by Shakespeare and you have the makings of one amazing film. You can tell from the opening reel that this movie is going to be special but you also have an uneasy feeling that it will not end well. If you don't know the story of 'Othello' you won't ever forget it - and even if you do, you could have never imagined it could fit so well in the beautifully filmed hills of Uttar Pradesh.

'Omkara' contains all the classic components of a great Bollywood epic but all of them (songs, costumes, etc.) fit perfectly in the context of the story. 'Omkara' also lacks any of the the silliness that is present in so many modern day Bollywood flicks. This is one of those films that you could take your non-Desi friends to and as they are sitting in the dark watching the credits roll will ask you 'Why haven't you taken me to more Bollywood movies?'. Granted the year is only half over - but Bollywood has a clear front-runner to submit to the Oscars - go see 'Omkara' on the big screen and judge for yourself.

All the songs are noteworthy - the 2 on the are{Naina}, performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's nephew Rahat and {Namak}, sung by a newcomer with an incredible raspy/sultry voice, Rekha Bhardwaj.


A said...

Rekha Bharadwaj is no newcomer...she is a renowned Sufi singer!

Sanket Vyas said...

A newcomer to Bollywood is what I meant to say...