Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kishore Kumar - My all time favorite

The below duet from 'Abhimaan' is sung by Lata & from my favorite artist in Indian cinema - Kishore Kumar. For those of you that know me, you may have been wondering when I would send out songs by him - no reason for not doing so, just never the right time. Kishore was a true artistic genius - a producer, director, musical composer and actor. Of course he will always be remembered most for his golden voice (the voice of Amitabh in his heyday). He passed away in 1987 and his death made me to just stop watching Hindi movies for a few years as I had no desire to watch a movie without his singing in it. I started again with 'Aashiqui' a few years later only because the songs on the soundtrack were actually written for Kishore and sung by the 'voice of Kishore', Kumar Sanu.

Kishore remains my favorite singer to this day - read more about him here


Anonymous said...

kishore kumar is my all time fav. artiste too and not a single day passes in my life without listening to him . on his 19th death anniversary , i would like to express my gratitude to the Almighty to have blessed us with this rare genius ,who even two decades after death , still fills my life and also those of his innumerable fans with such joy and wonder . wherever he might be today , i would hope that kishoreji reincarnates soon and once again take the music world by storm . we love u and miss u immensely , kishoreji .

V. Manohar said...


It is Greatest Show on earth on K for Kishore and to our greatest legend & Super Star Rajesh Khanna special on 14.3.2008 has proved to be the Greatest and Best show of K for Kishore. While viewing the Rajesh Khanna Special of K for Kishore, we are bound to realise that Rajesh Khanna is still the Phenomeon. In the age of meaningless and full of shouting songs, the demand of real classics are still on top. In every songs the audiences got just mad, which reflects the magic and life long impact of Rajesh-Kishore combination.