Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Introduction to South Asian Classical music - Part II

Today we continue the homage to South Asian classical music with some tunes from Ustad Sultan Khan (for more information on him & on all Desi classical music visit this very informative website).

Ustad Sultan Khan plays the sarangi which sounds very different than the sarod or sitar – more like a violin. A scion of illustrious lineage of sarangi players, beginning his training at age seven - he learned the rudiments from his father, Ustad Gulab Khan who was both an accomplished sarangi player and a vocalist. Little wonder then that the Ustad, like his father, always punctuates his concerts with vocal Amir khani nuances. When he picks up the sarangi to lilting Sargams where he has left off vocally, the succeeding notes emerge in continuation as though the sarangi sings.

The 3 selections are 1 {Sarangi} an instrumental. 2 {Surmai Aankhen} A Rajasthani folk duet with a singer named Chitra (a really beautiful song). 3 {Kate Nahi Raat Mori} A solo vocal in which he gets his instrument to literally 'sing' with him. 4. It turns out that among his large fan base are some of the world's top DJ's and they did a tribute album to him Link


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