Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Friendship & African Beats

The theme of today's music is friendship. We spent the weekend in San Diego at a friend's wedding (congrats Maneesh!) and got to see/hang out/catch up with friends from days gone by. It just seems that life for alot of us has gotten so hectic that the only reason we seem to get together is for weddings - that's great and all but what happens when we all get married off? Do we really need an excuse to get together with our friends other than we enjoy eachother's company?

For me the bond of friendship have always been akin to a piece of rope - it stretches when we aren't around our near & dear ones - and snaps back together as good as new when we are. But let that rope stretch for too long of a time and it will inevitably break... remember, we may not get to choose our family but we do make a conscious decision to choose our friends.

With that I bring you the 1st of 2 songs for this posting. The artist is young Ethiopian woman named Gigi (whose debut album was called the '#1 of the Best Obscure Albums of 2001' as judged by the New York Times). The song is called {Guramayle} meaning slight return - and I have absolutely no idea what she is saying in the song. However her voice and musical composition is so amazing that it hardly matters... Since poetry is supposed to be about personal interpretation I will assume this song is an ode to friendship :) When listening to it, imagine you are in an open jeep, driving around with some of your closest buds in Goa, Austin or wherever & you will understand what I mean... Link to Gigi's music

The second song {Nafeken} is by Tabla Beat Science. They are a supergroup of sorts starring Sultan Khan (from last week), Zakir Hussain, Karsh Kale & Bill Laswell. The song is called 'NafekeƱ' & was recorded live in San Franscisco at Stern Grove using tabla, sarangi and a host of other instruments. The special guest singer is Gigi (singing in her native Amharic) who does a duet with Sultan Khan (singing in his native Urdu). This song - with all it's varied instruments, styles, languages & vocals - just blows me away. Link to 'Tabla Beat Science'

Proving that in music (as well as in friendship) - the whole is indeed greater than the sum of it's parts.


Unknown said...

Thanks--just downloaded Tabla Beat Science album--fantastic!!

Sanket Vyas said...

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for stopping by!