Sunday, September 16, 2007

Salman Pirzada

I love discovering music whether hearing it on the radio, having someone recommend it to me or completely randomly - which is how I happened upon the music of Salman Pirzada - a paraplegic cricketeer/pilot/singer who was born in Karachi and currently lives in Houston. I was surfing Zee TV late one night watching those videos that they play in between movies when I heard a catchy tune sung by someone who I had never heard of. I wrote down his name and stumbled upon his website where I found quite an amazing story. Salman was an avid sportsman and competed on a national level in the field of cricket before an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. His family moved to Houston to seek further medical treatment but sadly his condition remained permanent. He shifted his life's focus to learning how to fly, became the first South Asian paraplegic to parachute out of a plane and began to record & sing professionally.

As you can see by his pictures he has been doing pretty well for himself and has not let his handicap stop him from reaching his goals. If you like the song that I put up, Ghar Aaja Pardasiya, then check out his website for more songs, pictures and videos. The picture below was taken when he was invited to London to sing with Daler Mehndi for the cancer hospital that Imran Khan built in Lahore. Good music is just that, good music, but sometimes the story behind the music can be just as interesting.

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