Monday, June 04, 2007

Solva Saal (1958)

Some days I really have to think of a good topic for DMC and sometimes the topic just falls into my lap - today's selection did just that. Last week I posted a song from the movie 'Solva Saal' which translated means '16 Years' and yesterday was the 16th birthday of my baby cousin, Amee (who at 16 is not much of a baby anymore;) Happy Birthday Amee!!! The movie is a sweet one starring the evergreen Dev Anand (who even at eighty cannot stop thinking of himself as a sixteen year old) and the beautiful Waheeda Rehman (who has chosen to age more gracefully and who was most recently seen in 'Rang De Basanti'). Granted, their major hit together was 'Guide' and a topic for another day but this was their first collaboration.

Dev plays his usual roguish charmer, this time as a journalist in search of that one great story. He spots Waheeda, who is eloping with her boyfriend and figures this to be as good as anything else he is bound to find and thus follows them. The nefarious husband proceeds to steal an expensive necklace and ends up ditching Waheeda in the middle of nowhere, classy. What follows is an adventure over the course of one night where our dashing hero sings songs, fights the bad guy and retrieves the necklace. Dev promises Waheeda he will never will write about what happened and advises her to return home and make up with her family. What happens next? Well you need to see the movie to find out...

Today's selection is Hai Apna Dil sung by Hemant Kumar. Although not as famous as the 'Big Three' singers of the day (Rafi, Mukesh & Kishore) he had his own style and a silky smooth voice that was all his own. He is a favorite of my parents and I have come to appreciate him through their musical tastes. The video is a great one and can be seen here.


LovePariah said...

are your parents big fans of DMC?
they should be!

squarecut.atul said...

This is a lovely blog posting nostalgic stuff. This is just what I love to read.

I thought that no one else had written a review about "Solva Saal" and I had written my own review. Nice to see that you had reviewed this movie, which to my mind deserve more attention than what it has received from fans.

Sanket Vyas said...

Atul - thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it. There is a reason some of these movies are considered 'evergreen' and completely agree with you about this movie.