Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kabhie Kabhie (1976) - Part II

The second set of songs from this movie are sung by Kishore Kumar & Lata and given life to on the screen by Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh. These songs are much more energetic than the songs from Part I and match the mood of the second half of the film as well. The first half told the story of unrequited love from the viewpoints of the parents and in the second half that shattered love is left for their children to mend and heal. The two stars mentioned above fell in love (onscreen and in real life) during the shooting of the movie and got married soon after it's release.

Both of these songs, Tere Chehere Se & Tera Phoolon Jaisa Rang, helped the lyricist and the musical director win Filmfare Awards (India's equivalent of the Oscars) for 'Kabhie Kabhie'. See the songs here & here. Interestingly, both of these songs were shot in Kashmir during different seasons showing the beauty of this land in more than one mood. Watching these videos, one can almost feel the two stars falling in love - little wonder that they were one of the most popular screen duos of their day.

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Sakarteti said...

Kishore Kumar is my personal favorite indian singer/actor of ALL time...timless movies like Padosan, Chalti ka naam gaadi and naukri....the guy was as amazing as he was versatile.