Saturday, July 01, 2006


Welcome to the 'Desi Music Club'.

What is this exactly? I will periodically be posting cool music, interesting websites and general info largely involving Desi tunez. FAQ's below…

What prompted this?

~ Well, for the most part, it was you dear friends. A lot of you have asked about my music collection over the years & basically this is a free way of getting your grubby little hands on it. (Just play songs on the 'jukebox' on the side - you can let it stream while you are working on something else on your computer).

And the real reason? C'mon, you can tell us…

~ OK - me & Nilu were in Jamaica a few years back & we met this Indian girl at some bar. So after the usual pleasantries we asked her where she was from originally in India. She responded that she had no idea – she was a 3rd generation Indian and had completely lost any semblance of her desiness. It really shook me up as I basically saw what our grandkids would be like despite my fobiness. I knew right then & there that just like all the other immigrant groups that had emigrated here – desis were going to be swallowed up by American culture and there was nothing we could do about it. We would lose the language for sure but that Bollywood would be the connection. Desis everywhere (from here to Europe, Far East, Australia – wherever) all had at least that in common – and that's better than nothing.

What exactly is this again?

~ Basically, this is the lazy man's book club - cuz there ain't no reading involved & you don't have to go anywhere. I will be posting songs I enjoy along with blurbs describing them and whence they came from. I will also from time to time post info about interesting websites, video clips and articles – again, mostly involving all things Desi.

Why just Desi stuff? Why not all genres of music? Are you racist or something?

~ I love and enjoy music of all genres and you all have plenty of sources to listen to and/or download them. In fact, most of you are probably a lot more knowledgeable about these genres than me & I wouldn't be adding to stuff you already know. Also, there are so many different types of American & International music out there – it would be beyond the scope of this newsletter to try & manage them all. And finally, yes, I am racist – I think Desi music is the best music on the planet, period.

You are really starting to creep me out on this whole 'Nothing but Desi' thing…

~ The truth is that I have drunk the Kool-Aid that is Bollywood. It is one of those things (like the 'Matrix' and magic eye puzzles) in which you either get it – or you don't. You either love the B/W magnificence of the 40's & 50's – the swinging psychedelic 60's – the over the top & bombastic 70's – the Amitabh dominated 80's – the emergence of Bollywood as serious cinema 90's – or you just wonder what all the fuss is about. Yes, I agree that 3 out of 4 movies made are not worth the celluloid they are printed on – but the music remains legendary. And no, it won't be all just be Bollywood – you will get Indian classical music, fusion, Afro-Indian as well as some crazy stuff you ain't never heard before.

Alright, you have me interested – what do I need to do?

~ For the most part, nothing – just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you like what you get, send me some positive vibes back telling me about it – not too much to ask. If you don't like it – keep it to yourself. I don't need criticism of stuff I like – I think enough about it to share it with you all and nothing you say can change my mind. I do love getting new music however – please feel free to send me tunes to 'pay it forward'.

How often do you update this blog?

~ Expect new songs once a week, more if I am bored. That way people aren't overloaded with too much music and can really get a good taste of it.

Hope this is the start of something wonderful... welcome.

If music be the food of love, play on.

~ Shakespeare

Cheerz, Sanket & Nilu.


Unknown said...

A well thought out, poignant exploration of the transcendant nature of what it means to be Desi through art and music. Five out of Five stars.

Unknown said...

This is Anand, the other Vyas.

Daddy's Girl said...

Sanket and Nilu, this is probably the best introductory post ever. Says everything we need to know - and so concisely. And true: you either 'get' Bollywood or you don't. There's no in-between.

bains said...

just wanted to say LOVE your site - and thanks for taking the time to do this :)

Anonymous said...

A great site work from today's youth. Congrats and please keep up the good work.
New Orleans

Bollywood said...
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Sanket Vyas said...

Thanks Bollywood Fan - it is nice to have people visit that actually 'get' Bolllywood. I checked out your site as well and plan to be a regular reader too. Cheers!